University of Kinshasa - Kinshasa

Kinshasa, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo
School ID : #7
Founded : 1802

Number of total students: 5+

Int. students: 4+

About University of Kinshasa

The history of the University of Kinshasa begins in 1924 with the creation by the Catholic University of Louvain of a medical association to deal with health and education in the Congo. This initiative resulted in the creation by professors of this university, of the Medical Foundation of the University of Louvain in Congo (FOMULAC) and later, in 1927, of the first health establishment built in Kisantu in Bas-Congo where had held the first nursing training course.

In 1932, the University of Louvain created, on the same site, an agronomy section, to which was added a section of administrative and commercial sciences in 1936, and a section of medical assistants in 1937.

In 1947, these three sections were grouped together under the name of "Center Universitaire Congolais de Lovanium", which was transferred from the site of Kisantu to that of Kimwenza, and which became Lovanium University in 19543.

Lovanium is the old (Latin) name for Louvain. On January 15, 1954, the first pre-university course opened under the rectorate of Jesuit Father Maurice Schurmans (1901-1970). Of the thirty registered students, eleven (those who had passed the pre-university courses) began the first academic year which began ten months later, in October 1954, in buildings still unfinished 2.


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